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Barcode Fonts offers most common Barcode Fonts (Linear & 2D barcodes) in several sizes and symbologies, with flexible licensing including royalty-free and perpetual Developer Licenses.'s Barcode Fonts are mature, professional grade products designed to create the highest quality symbols possible. also provides font utility tools, vb macro source code for easy and simple application integration.
Easy-to-use Self Checking Barcode Fonts
  • Code 39 Fonts: the first alpha-numeric symbology to be developed, is still widely used-especially in non-retail environments.
  • Codabar Fonts: Codabar is a linear barcode symbology developed in 1972 by Pitney Bowes Corp. This symbology is used by U.S. blood banks, photo labs, and on FedEx airbills.
Linear Barcode Fonts
  • Code 11 Fonts: It is also known as USD-8. It is used primarily in labeling telecommunications equipment.
  • Code 128 Fonts: Code 128 is a very effective, high-density symbology which permits the encoding of alphanumeric data.
  • Code 93 Fonts: Code 93 is a barcode symbology designed in 1982 by Intermec to provide a higher density and data security enhancement to Code 39.
  • GS1 Databar Fonts: GS1 Databar also known as RSS Symbology. Used to encode the GTIN and other GS1 related data.
  • Interleaved 2 of 5 Fonts: Interleaved 2 of 5 is a higher-density numeric symbology based upon the Standard 2 of 5 symbology. It is used primarily in the distribution and warehouse industry.
  • MSI Plessey Fonts: MSI Plessey, also known as Modified Plessey, is used primarily to mark retail shelves for inventory control.
  • Intelligent Mail Fonts: OneCode 4-State Customer Barcode (4-CB) is the next generation in the evolution of USPS barcode technology.
  • Postnet Fonts & Planet Fonts: USPS Confirm service allows mailers to uniquely identify and track mail by placing an additional barcode.
  • UPC-A Fonts, UPC-E Fonts, EAN-8 Fonts, EAN-13 Fonts: This is one of the most common barcode types. It is used to encode the GTIN and also used to create JAN, ISBN, ISSN and Bookland barcodes.
  • RM4SCC Fonts: This Symbology is used by Royal Mail (United Kingdom) post office, Singapore post office for Postal code and automatic mail sorting.
Bundled Barcode Font Advantage Packages
  • TrueType Linear Barcode Fonts
  • TrueType Linear Barcode and MICR and OCR Fonts
  • TrueType 2D Barcode Fonts
  • TrueType 2D Barcode and MICR and OCR Fonts
  • Complete Barcode Fonts and MICR and OCR Advantage Package
2D Fonts Including Aztec, Data Matrix, PDF417 and QR Code
  • Aztec Fonts: Designed by Andrew Longacre at Welch Allyn (now Hand Held Products). Public domain.
  • Data Matrix Fonts: DataMatrix is a two-dimensional (2D) barcode symbology which can store from 1 to about 2,000 characters. DataMatrix is being used to encode product and serial number information on electrical rating plates.
  • MaxiCode Fonts: Used by United Parcel Service.
  • PDF417 Fonts: PDF417, or Portable Data File 417, is a two-dimensional stacked barcode symbology capable of encoding over a kilobyte of data per label.
  • Micro PDF417 Fonts: Facilitates codes too small to be used in PDF417.
  • QRCode Fonts: QR Code is a kind of 2-D (two-dimensional) symbology developed by Denso Wave. QR Code is capable of handling all types of data, such as numeric and alphabetic characters, Kanji, Kana, Hiragana, symbols, binary, and control codes.
  • Micro QRCode Fonts: Facilitates codes too small to be used in QRCode.
MICR and OCR Font Advantage Packages
  • MICR E13B Fonts: Used by banks in the US and several other countries for MICR E-13B encoding.
  • MICR CMC7 Fonts: Used by banks in France, Mexico and many Spanish speaking countries.
  • OCR-A and OCR-B Fonts: A text font that is very easy for optical character recognition systems to read.
  • Security Fonts: Used to securely print text, names and currency amounts on highly secure documents.
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