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MS Excel Code 39 Barcode Generator Add-In

How to Generate Code 39 Barcode in Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets

  • Easy to use, without registration codes or activation keys or third-party barcode fonts
  • Supported Microsoft Office Excel versions are version 2007 and version 2010
  • Generate one or more linear Code 39 barcodes in Excel spreadsheets easily and quickly
  • Generate dynamic Code 39 barcode by linking cells with barcodes on the spreadsheets
  • Create Code 39 in MS Excel that can be read by both low- and high-resolution printers
  • Easy to adjust the settings of Code 39 barcodes in Excel, like rotation and image size

Quick Guidance


1. Install MS Excel Code 39 Barcode Generation Add-In

First, you should close all Excel documents. Then, open the trial package and run the setup file. After that, you will see a new tab "Add-Ins" on the menu bar.


2. Generate & Delete & Adjust Code 39 Barcode in Excel Spreadsheets

Switch to the "Add-Ins" tab and click Create Barcode. Then a Barcode Settings window will appear.

Generate Code 39 barcode in Excel spreadsheet:

  1. Click one or more cells at a time.
  2. Choose Code 39 in the Barcode Type selection bar and enter the data that you want to encode (if the Data textbox turns red, it means the characters you just encoded are not compatible with international standards).
  3. Click the button "Generate" and instantly standard Code 39 barcode will be generated in the cell you just clicked.

Delete Code 39 barcode in Excel spreadsheet:

  1. Click the Code 39 barcode image you want to delete and then click the button "Delete".

Adjust Code39 barcode in Excel spreadsheet:

  1. Click the Code 39 barcode image you want to change.
  2. Change the settings in the Barcode Settings window.
  3. Click the button "Update".


3. Generate Dynamic Code 39 Barcode Images in Excel

One of the most outstanding features of our MS Excel Code 39 Barcode Generation Add-in is that it can link the cell with Code 39 barcode. Following are detailed steps:

  1. Select a Code 39 barcode in the Excel and click the button "Link To Cell".
  2. Select a cell with data and click "Update".
  3. Revise the data in the linked cell and click "Update Link to Cell".
  4. The linked Code 39 barcode image will be changed.


4. MS Excel Generator Add-In Supported Barcode Types

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