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EAN 8 Barcode Generator Plug-in for Excel 2007 and 2010

How to Convert Data in Excel to 1D EAN-8 Barcode Labels

  • Good Excel EAN-8 barcode generator add-in which can be used in inventory control
  • Generate high-quality EAN-8 barcode in Excel, without adding any barcode fonts
  • Easily and quickly convert your data in Excel spreadsheet to EAN-8 barcode
  • Able to link cells with corresponding EAN-8 barcodes in Microsoft Excel
  • Customize EAN-8 barcode image size by inputting corresponding numeric values
  • Generate & rotate EAN-8 barcode in Excel with four available orientations

Quick Guidance


1. Adding EAN-8 Barcode Generator Plug-In to Excel

The installation of this Excel EAN-8 barcode generator is extremely easy and fast. With three steps, you can successfully integrate it into your Excel document.
  1. Close all Excel documents.
  2. Double-click the application file.
  3. Click "Install" in the pop-up window.
  4. Then a new tab "Add-Ins" will be added in the Menu Bar.


2. Generating Standard EAN-8 Barcode in Excel

All generating & adjusting process will be finished within a Barcode Settings window. Thus, after the installation, you must activate this Barcode Setting window.
  1. Click the new tab "Add-Ins" and select "Create Barcode".
  2. A panel called Barcode Settings will appear.
  3. Select one or more cells in Excel spreadsheet.
  4. Within this Barcode Settings panel, you can choose the barcode type EAN8, enter a 7-digit numeric data and adjust other property parameters.
  5. Finally, click "Generate".


3. Linking Cell with EAN-8 Barcode in Excel Dynamically

Apart from the function to convert existed data to EAN-8 barcode in Excel, our Excel EAN-8 barcode generator add-in also owns the capacity to link the data with generated EAN-8 barcode. So when you change the data, the linked EAN-8 barcode will be instantly and automatically updated.

  1. Click an EAN 8 barcode image in Excel and click button "Link to Cell".
  2. Select a cell with data and click "Update".
  3. Change data in the linked cell and click "Update Link to Cell".
  4. An equivalent EAN-8 barcode will be generated immediately.


4. Other Supported Linear & 2D Barcode Types

Besides generating EAN-8 barcode in Excel, this Excel barcode generator add-in also supports other linear & 2d barcodes generation.

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