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UPC-E Barcode Add-In / Plug-in for Microsoft Excel

How to Convert Data to UPC-E Barcode in Excel Automatically

  • Great barcode add-in which simplifies generation of multiple UPC-E barcodes in Excel
  • Professional UPC-E barcode generator, working flawlessly with Excel 2007 and 2010
  • Provide extremely user-friendly interface to generate & adjust UPC-E barcode on Excel
  • Expose flexible & full range of UPC-E barcode settings for users to adjust in Excel
  • Achieve automatic barcode generation by linking cells with UPC-E images in Excel
  • Support common industry linear and 2D barcode types, like QR Code and Code 39

Quick Guidance


1. Excel UPC-E Barcode Generator Plug-In - Installation

The installation of Excel UPC-E barcode generator plug-in is quite easy.
  1. Close all Excel documents.
  2. Run the setup file and click "Install" in the pop-up window.
  3. Open a new Excel file and a tab "Add-Ins" will show up at Menu Bar.


2. Excel UPC-E Barcode Generator Plug-In - Barcode Generation

Simplicity is a distinguishing feature of our Excel UPC-E barcode generator plug-in.
  1. Switch to tab "Add-Ins" and display the Barcode Settings panel.
  2. Click a cell in the spreadsheet.
  3. Choose barcode type for UPC-E and enter an 6-digit number and click button "Generate".
Besides, our Excel UPC-E barcode generator plug-in makes it possible for users to adjust existed UPC-E barcode in Excel to meet the specifications of their barcode printer or barcode reader. The operating process is truly easy:
  1. Choose the UPC-E barcode you want to change.
  2. Enter suitable values of sizing options and select appropriate text font and image orientations.
  3. Choose button "Generate".


3. Excel UPC-E Barcode Generator Plug-In - Linking Cells with UPC-E

Have you ever thought about such a situation? When you change the data in the cell within Excel, the UPC-E barcode in the spreadsheet will be automatically changed. By linking a cell, you can generate such a dynamic UPC-E barcode successfully.

  1. Select one UPC-E barcode in the Excel and click the button "Link To Cell".
  2. Select a cell with data and click "Update".
  3. Change the data in the linked cell and click "Update Link to Cell".
  4. That corresponding UPC-E barcode will be changed instantly.


4. Excel UPC-E Barcode Generator Plug-In - Supported Barcodes

Without adding other third-party fonts, our Excel UPC-E barcode generator add-in could generate most 1d & 2d barcode types.

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