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ASP.NET EAN-8 Barcode Reader & Scanner

Read & Scan EAN-8 Barcode Image in ASP.NET Web Application
  • Mature linear EAN-8 barcode reading component for ASP.NET project
  • Written in managed C# and support both C# & VB.NET class language
  • Read & recognize EAN-8 barcode image in ASP.NET application accurately
  • Scan & output all EAN-8 barcodes from one image in ASP.NET web site
  • Able to read maximum EAN-8 barcode from an image file in a short time
  • Support other linear & 2d barcode recognition in ASP.NET, like ASP.NET QR Code recognition
ASP.NET EAN-8 Barcode Reading Control - Installation
The installation of our EAN-8 ASP.NET barcode decoding dll is extremely easy. What you need to is to add BarcodeLib.BarcodeReader.dll to your ASP.NET web project by adding reference.
ASP.NET EAN-8 Barcode Reading Control - Read EAN-8 Using C#
This ASP.NET EAN-8 barcode scanning library will decode & output all EAN-8 barcodes from the target image file. For example, if you want to read & scan all the EAN-8 barcodes from a gif image file using C# class code, you just need to copy following free C# sample codes to your ASP.NET project:
     string[] results = BarcodeReader.read("c:/ean8-aspnet.gif", BarcodeReader.EAN8);
ASP.NET EAN-8 Barcode Reader - Scan EAN-8 Using VB.NET
Apart from reading & decoding EAN-8 barcode images in ASP.NET C# project, you can also read & scan EAN-8 barcode image in your ASP.NET web application using VB.NET class codes.
     Dim datas() As String = BarcodeReader.read("c:/ean8-barcode.gif", BarcodeReader.EAN8)
Customize EAN-8 Barcode Reading in ASP.NET Web Application
In the following two situations, you can speed up the barcode reading rate by activating two special functions of our EAN-8 barcode reader component for ASP.NET project.
  1. Scan a maximum EAN-8 barcode per image or per page in tiff or pdf document.

    Under this situation, in order to reduce scanning time, you can set "maxOneBarcodePerPage" to true. If "maxOneBarcodePerPage" is true, the ASP.NET barcode reading control will stop scanning the barcode once it detects one barcode.

    Otherwise, this barcode decoder will recognize EAN-8 barcode with total 5 algorithms and each will scan the whole image from 4 directions.

  2. Scan one or more EAN-8 barcodes from a certain part of the target image file.

    Under this condition, you can direct the ASP.NET barcode reader to decode & scan EAN-8 barcode images in a fixed area of target image file.

    For example, if you want to scan all the EAN-8 barcodes from the top 20% and bottom 20% area of target image file, you can use following C# or VB.NET codes to achieve that.

    Note: Our ASP.NET barcode reader set (0%, 0%) as the most left top point and (100%, 100%) as the most right bottom point.
Read & recognize EAN-8 barcode using C#
     OptimizeSetting setting = new OptimizeSetting();


ScanArea top20 = new ScanArea(new PointF(0.0F, 0.0F), new PointF(100.0F, 20.0F));

ScanArea bottom20 = new ScanArea(new PointF(0.0F, 80.0F), new PointF(100.0F, 100.0F));

List<ScanArea> areas = new List<ScanArea>();


string[] results = BarcodeReader.read("c:/ean8-barcode.gif", BarcodeReader.EAN8, setting);
Decode & scan EAN-8 barcode using VB.NET
     Dim setting As OptimizeSetting = New OptimizeSetting()


Dim top20 As ScanArea = New ScanArea(New Drawing.PointF(0.0F, 0.0F), New Drawing.PointF(100.0F, 20.0F))

Dim bottom20 As ScanArea = New ScanArea(New Drawing.PointF(0.0F, 80.0F), New Drawing.PointF(100.0F, 100.0F))

Dim areas As List(Of ScanArea) = New List(Of ScanArea)


Dim datas() As String = BarcodeReader.read("c:/ean8-aspnet.gif", BarcodeReader. EAN8, setting)
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