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UPC-E Barcode Reader Library for ASP.NET Project

Use Free Visual C# & VB.NET Class Codes to Scan & Decode UPC-E Barcode in ASP.NET Website
  • Widely-used ASP.NET UPC-E barcode scanner with high quality & reasonable price
  • Read & scan UPC-E barcode image in .NET, ASP.NET Web and Console Applications
  • Decode UPC-E in ASP.NET web applications using C# & VB.NET class codes
  • Recognize all UPC-E barcodes from a image source file in ASP.NET website
  • Scan UPC-E from certain part of the image source file in ASP.NET applications
  • Read UPC-E barcodes from most popular image files, like tiff, gif and bmp files
Install UPC-E Barcode Reading DLL in ASP.NET Web Program
  1. The UPC-E Barcode Reading DLL provided by BarcodeLib.com is easy to use, without registration codes or activation keys.
  2. Users only need to add BarcodeLib.BarcodeReader.dll to the web project reference, and then the installation is completed.
Read UPC-E Barcode in ASP.NET Applications Using Visual C# Code
The sample C#.NET code is listed below:
     string[] results = BarcodeReader.read("c:/upce-aspnet.gif", BarcodeReader.UPCE);
Then all UPC-E barcodes in the gif image file (upce-aspnet) will be decoded & output.
Scan UPC-E Barcode in ASP.NET Projects Using VB.NET Code
The sample Visual Basic .NET code is listed below:
     Dim datas() As String = BarcodeReader.read("c:/upce-aspnet.gif", BarcodeReader.UPCE)
With above VB.NET code, user could read & draw all UPC-E barcodes from a gif image file (upce-aspnet) in ASP.NET web project.
Enhance UPC-E Barcode Scanning Efficiency Using VB.NET & C#
Besides the general UPC-E barcode recognition way, user could also use some other scanning methods to read & decode UPC-E barcodes in the ASP.NET web applications.
  1. Method 1: Set maxOneBarcodePerPage to true
    UPC-E Barcode Scanning SDK from BarcodeLib.com has a special function which could help the reader scan a maximum UPC-E barcode in a shorter time. And this function will be activated if user sets maxOneBarcodePerPage to true.

    Once the function is activated, the reader will stop scanning instantly after it detects an UPC-E barcode. And the default value of maxOneBarcodePerPage in our barcode reader dll is false, which means the reader will use total 5 algorithms and scan the whole image from 4 directions.

  2. Method 2: Use axis-positioning function
    Our UPC-E barcode reader separates the whole image file into numerous small regions and those regions can be accurately located with usage of coordinates. The default coordinate of most left top point is (0%, 0%), and the coordinate of most right bottom point is (100%, 100%). The point X, Y values are expressed in percentage of the whole image.

    Therefore, if user just wants to scan the top 20% and bottom 20% area, he/she could use following C# or VB.NET codes.
     OptimizeSetting setting = new OptimizeSetting();


ScanArea top20 = new ScanArea(new PointF(0.0F, 0.0F), new PointF(100.0F, 20.0F));

ScanArea bottom20 = new ScanArea(new PointF(0.0F, 80.0F), new PointF(100.0F, 100.0F));

List<ScanArea> areas = new List<ScanArea>();


string[] results = BarcodeReader.read("c:/upce-aspnet.gif", BarcodeReader.UPCE, setting);
The above C# codes are built in Visual C# 2005
     Dim setting As OptimizeSetting = New OptimizeSetting()


Dim top20 As ScanArea = New ScanArea(New Drawing.PointF(0.0F, 0.0F), New Drawing.PointF(100.0F, 20.0F))

Dim bottom20 As ScanArea = New ScanArea(New Drawing.PointF(0.0F, 80.0F), New Drawing.PointF(100.0F, 100.0F))

Dim areas As List(Of ScanArea) = New List(Of ScanArea)


Dim datas() As String = BarcodeReader.read("c:/upce-aspnet.gif", BarcodeReader.UPCE, setting)
The above VB.NET codes are built in Visual Basic 2005
Supported Barcodes for ASP.NET UPC-E Barcode Scanner Library
Users could also read & scan following 1D & 2D barcode types with this UPC-E barcode decoding library.
All Linear / 1D Barcodes:
All Matrix / 2D Barcodes: