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Linear & 2D Barcode Generator Software Tutorial

How to Create & Draw 1D & 2D Barcodes, Barcode Labels on Windows
  • Time-tested linear & 2d barcode generator used for Windows 2000, XP, Win 7 & Vista
  • Own an extremely intuitive user interface with powerful functions to generate & save barcodes
  • Able to generate multiple linear & 2d barcode labels with simple clicks on Windows
  • Offer flexible sizing options, four generation orientations & several image formatting choices
  • Provide friendly & detailed instructions to help users generate industrial standard barcodes
  • Support most popular 1d & 2d barcode types, like Code 39, Code 128, EAN, UPC, QR Code, Data Matrix and PDF-417
  • Mature Barcode Generator Software since 2003
Linear & 2D Barcode Generator Software Package
Download & unzip the trial package of Windows Barcode Generator Software, you will find four exe files:
  • Linear Barcode Generator.exe
  • Data Matrix Barcode Generator.exe
  • PDF 417 Barcode Generator.exe
  • QR Code Barcode Generator.exe
If you want to generate 1d barcode, please double click Linear Barcode Generator. To generate 2d barcode, please double click corresponding barcode generator exe file.
How to Use Linear & 2D Barcode Generator Software
In the following section, we will demonstrate all the powerful functions of our barcode generator software. After you run the setup file, a user interface will pop up. From the operation interface, you will see several tabs and buttons.
Buttons (which are mainly for generating, copying & saving generated barcode images.)
Preview Preview generated barcode image
Copy to Clipboard Copy created barcode to clipboard (then you can paste it to other applications)
Generate Image File Save created barcode image to certain folder
Generate Multiple Barcode Detailed steps to generate multiple barcode images
  • write down those encodable data at a text file in the unit of seperate line
  • Click this button to import above mentioned text file
  • Barcode images will be generated & saved automatically
Save Memorize current barcode property settings
Load Withdraw barcode property settings you have saved
Exit Close operation interface
Tabs (which are mainly for customizing & adjusting property settings of barcode images)
Barcode Settings
  • Input encodable data
  • Select barcode type
  • Customize unique properties of each barcode type
Barcode Size
  • Change barcode image size
  • Adjust barcode quiet zone length
  • Change bar size
Image Settings
  • Set barcode image resolution
  • Set barcode image format
  • Set barcode image orientation
Text & Color Settings
  • Set barcode background color
  • Set bar color
  • Set human-readable text color & text syle (only applicable for linear barcodes)
  • Show or hide human-readable text (only applicable for linear barcodes)
Barcode Generator Software Supported Barcode Types
Linear (1D) Barcodes:
Matrix(2D) Barcodes:
If you want to generate linear & 2d barcodes in other development environments, please follow the links below:

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