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Codabar Barcode Generator for Windows

Generating Codabar Bar Code in Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
Copy & paste function, easy-to-use feature & perfect compatibility with Windows operating system make this Codabar barcode generator one of most user-friendly barcode generation softwares.
  • Generate one or multiple Codabar barcode images on Windows
  • Allow users to copy & paste generated Codabar to other applications
  • Easy to choose suitable Codabar barcode start / stop character set
  • Automatically save the settings of previous generated barcode
  • Support Codabar generation in Windows 2000, XP, Vista & Win 7
  • Mature Barcode Generator Software since 2003
Distinguishing Features of Codabar Barcode Generator Software
Guide to Install Codabar Barcode Generator
Set up Locate & run "Linear Barcode Generator" exe file from downloaded package.
Remove Close the user interface.
Guide to Generate Single Codabar Barcode Image
1 Select Codabar at Barcode Type.
2 Enter valid characters at Data to Encode.
3 With a click on Preview, users can preview generated Codabar image in the panel.
After clicking Preview and Copy to Clipboard, users can paste created Codabar to other documents.
With a click on Generate Image File, users can save Codabar image to system.
FAQ: Q:Why does it say "Invalid Settings" after I click Preview?
A:Please make sure you have entered valid chars. The default value of Data is BLSample and Codabar barcode can only encode numeric characters (0-9) and other special chars (- Dash, $ Dollar, : Colon, / Slash, . Point, + Plus).
Guide to Generate Multiple Codabar Barcode Images
1 Select Codabar at Barcode Type.
2 Click Generate Multi-Barcode and import a txt file through the pop-up window..
3 Data from that text file will be converted into Codabar barcode images automatically and orderly.
What should be noted here is that this barcode generator will regard each line as an independent encodable data string.
Guide to Set Codabar Barcode Properties
Barcode Settings Bar Width Ratio
The ratio of wide bar to narrow bar should between 2.0: 1 and 3.0: 1.
Codabar Start
(Default: A)
Codabar barcode has four selectable Start characters (A, B, C & D).
Codabar Stop
(Default: A)
Codabar barcode has four selectable Stop characters (A, B, C & D).
Barcode Size Unit of Measure (Default: Pixel) Users can choose either Pixel or CM or Inch as the measure unit.
Image Width
Image Height
(Default: 120)
If users enter a value which is smaller than the barcode required minimum width / height, this software will reset it to minimum width / height automatically.
Bar Width
(Default: 1)
Bar Height
(Default: 80)
Bar width & height are user-defined.
Left Margin
Right Margin
(Default: 0)
They are used to adjust the left / right blank area of Codabar. Remember, each Codabar will have an automatically-added 10X left & right margin when it is generated.
Top Margin
Bottom Margin
(Default: 0)
The top / bottom blank areas are adjustable.
Image Settings Resolution
(Default: 96)
The value of dots per inch is customizable.
(Default: 0)
Four generating orientations are supported.
Barcode Image Format
(Default: Png)
Generated Codabar barcode image is compatible with common image formats , including Png, Jpeg, Gif or Bmp.
Text Settings Print Barcode Text
(Default: True)
The plain text line below bars can be visible or invisible.
Text Font
(Default: Arial, 9, Regular)
It stands for the style of human-readable text.
Color Settings Text color
(Default: Black)
Background Color
(Default: White)
Foreground Color
(Default: Black)
Rich color options are listed here.

Notice: Although users are able to combine the colors themselves, there are also some restrictions to follow.
Linear (1D) Barcodes:
Matrix(2D) Barcodes:

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