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Data Matrix 2D Barcode Generator Software

Generating Data Matrix Bar Code Labels in Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
Data Matrix barcode generator software is designed for Windows users to generate 2D Data Matrix barcode in Windows operating system.
  • Generate Data Matrix in Windows 2000, XP, Win 7 & Vista
  • Create & save Data Matrix barcode to several image formats
  • Convert data from txt file to high-quality Data Matrix barcode
  • Flexible to customize the size & color of Data Matrix barcode
  • Easy to use, without any activation keys or registration codes
  • Mature Barcode Generator Software since 2003
Distinguishing Features of Matrix barcode Barcode Generator Software
Flexible sizing options Free to set data mode & symbol sizes
Copy & paste function Generate multiple barcodes
Offer different measure units Save barcode image to system
Flexible user licenses Different colors for bar and image
Several image format Memorize current image settings
Method to Run Data Matrix Barcode Image Generator
Install Please double click the exe file "DataMatrix Generator".
Uninstall Please close the window or click button "Exit".
Method to Generate One Data Matrix Barcode
1 Enter data at Data to Encode.

Note: Data Matrix barcode supports all 128 characters of ASCII.
2 Click button Preview to view generated Data Matrix barcode.
Click button Preview and Copy to Clipboard to paste Data Matrix barcode to other applications.
Click button Generate Image File to output generated Data Matrix image to disk.
Method to Generate Multiple Data Matrix Barcodes
1 Users can import a text file through button Generate Multi-Barcode..
2 Each data line from text file will be instantly converted to corresponding Data Matrix barcode. And users will be automatically directed to the folder where barcode images are saved.
Method to Adjust Data Matrix Barcode Properties
Barcode Settings Apply Tilde
(Default: True)
If users want to use tilde to encode some special characters, please set this property to true.
For example:
ECI: ~7aa stands for valid value of aa from 00 to 99.
(Default: Text)
Seven encoding characters sets are provided here.
  • Auto: The software will find best data mode for users based on the data they just entered.
  • ASCII: This mode allows users to encode ASCII characters (0-127).
  • C40: This mode allows users to encode numeric and upper case characters.
  • Text: This mode allows users to encode numeric and lower case characters
  • X12: This mode allows users to encode the standard ANSI X12 electronic data interchange characters.
  • Edifact: This mode allows users to encode 63 ASCII values (values from 32 to 94) plus an Unlatch character (binary 011111).
  • Base256: This mode allows users to encode 8 bit values.
(Default:10 x 10)
The property determines the symbol size of Data Matrix. As is specified in IS0/IEC 16022, Data Matrix has 24 square symbol sizes and 6 rectangular sizes.
Barcode Size Unit of Measure
(Default: Pixel)
Three measure units are offered here: Pixel, CM & Inch.
Image Width
Image Height
(Default: 0)
They refer to the width & height of whole Data Matrix symbol image.
Bar Module Size
(Default: 2)
It refers to the area of one bar module.
Left Margin
Right Margin
Top Margin
Bottom Margin
(Default: 0)
According to ISO/IEC 16022, the quiet zone of Data Matrix should be larger than X (X refers to the width of a bar module). And a width of 2X to 4X is recommended.
Image Settings Resolution
(Default: 72)
It refers to the value of dots per inch.
Barcode Image Format
(Default: Png)
Users can generate Data Matrix barcode an image format of Png, Jpeg, Gif or Bmp image file.
Color Settings (Background Color
(Default: White)
Foreground Color
(Default: Black)
Users can customize the color of bar module and that of image background color. The Foreground color refers to the bar color.

Notice: Although users are able to combine the colors themselves, there are also some restrictions to follow.
Linear (1D) Barcodes:
Matrix(2D) Barcodes:

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