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GS1-128/EAN-128 Barcode Generator for Windows

Generating GS1-128/EAN-128 Bar Code in Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
EAN-128 / GS1-128 barcode generator software enjoys a high reputation among its users, based on its high efficiency to generate linear EAN-128 barcodes in Windows 2000, XP, Windows 7 & Vista.
  • Mature EAN-128 barcode generator compatible with Windows
  • Generate EAN-128 barcodes in gif, png, bmp & jpeg image files
  • Generate multiple EAN-128 barcodes with data from txt files
  • Easy to enable or disable human-readable text of EAN-128
  • Support other common linear barcode types, like Code 39
  • Mature Barcode Generator Software since 2003
Distinguishing Features of GS1-128/EAN-128 Barcode Generator Software
How to Run / Close EAN-128 Barcode Generator Software
Activation Without registration codes, users can run this software only by double clicking application file "Linear Barcode Generator".
Uninstallation The software will be uninstalled once the interface is closed.
How to Generate One EAN-128 Barcode
1 Choose GS1128 (UCC / EAN 128) at Barcode Type.
2 Enter data at Data to Encode based on the tips listed there.
3 Button Preview will help users preview generated EAN-128 barcode.
After users click Preview and Copy to Clipboard, they can paste generated EAN-128 barcode to other documents directly.
Button Generate Image File
FAQ: Q:Why does it say "Invalid Settings" after I click Preview?
A:Please check if you have entered valid chars in the right form. The default value of Data is BLSample and a valid EAN-128 encodable data should add "()" around the AI code, followed by the AI data. And all 128 ASCII characters are supported.
How to Generate Multiple EAN-128 Barcodes
1 Choose GS1128 (UCC / EAN 128) at Barcode Type.
2 Click Generate Multi-Barcode and import a txt file.
3 Each data line in the text file will be immediately converted to corresponding EAN-128 barcode images. Users could find those EAN-128 barcode images in the folder where this text file is located.
How to Costomize Properties of EAN-128 Barcode
Barcode Settings Apply Tilde
(Default: False)
If users select this checkbox, they can encode the data in another form.

For example:
  • 1-byte character: ~0dd/~1dd/~2dd (character value from 000 ~ 255); ASCII character '~' is presented by ~126 Strings from "~256" to "~299" are unused.
  • 2-byte character (Unicode): ~6ddddd (character value from 00000 ~ 65535) Strings from "~665536" to "~699999" are unused.
  • Programming for reader initialisation: ~rp This should be located at the beginning of the encoding data, e.g. data = "~rpABCD1234".
  • ECI: ~7dddddd (valid value of dddddd from 000000 to 999999).
  • Data (01)123456 can be inputted in this way ~ai2123456.
Barcode Size Unit of Measure (Default: Pixel) There are three options for measure unit, e.g., Pixel, CM & Inch.
Image Width
Image Height
(Default: 120)
If users set the image width & height smaller than the barcode required minimum width & height, This barcode generator will reset to barcode minimum width automatically.
Bar Width
(Default: 1)
Bar Height
(Default: 80)
The bar width & height is also user-defined.
Left Margin
Right Margin
(Default: 0)
These two properties, in essence, control the quiet zone width of EAN-128 barcode.
Based on the items in GS1 general specifications, quiet zone of EAN-128 should bigger than 7X (X refers to the width of a narrow element).
Top Margin
Bottom Margin
(Default: 0)
They refer to the top / bottom blank area of an EAN-128 barcode image
Image Settings Resolution
(Default: 96)
Users can decide how many dots each inch should have.
(Default: 0)
Users can create EAN-128 barcode in four different orientations.
Barcode Image Format
(Default: Png)
Four image formats are provided here, e.g., Png, Jpeg, Gif or Bmp image file.
Text Settings Print Barcode Text
(Default: True)
With this function, users can display or hide the human-readable text.
Text Font
(Default: Arial, 9, Regular)
It refers to the style that the human-readable text should be printed.
Color Settings Text color
(Default: Black)
Background Color
(Default: White)
Foreground Color
(Default: Black)
Text color refers to the color of human-readable text ;
Foreground color refers to bar color.

Notice: Although users are able to combine the colors themselves, there are also some restrictions to follow.
Linear (1D) Barcodes:
Matrix(2D) Barcodes:

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