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RM4SCC Barcode Generator for Windows

Professional RM4SCC Bar Coding Generator for Windows
This mature RM4SCC barcode software can not only generate & save RM4SCC barcode images but also paste generated RM4SCC barcode image to other documents or applications.
  • Generate & create RM4SCC barcode images with high readability
  • Generate & save RM4SCC barcode images with data from text file
  • Adjust width & height of RM4SCC image by directly entering values
  • Able to enable or disable human-readable text of RM4SCC barcode
  • Offer four options for RM4SCC barcode rotating orientations
  • Mature Barcode Generator Software since 2003
Distinguishing Features of RM4SCC Barcode Generator Software
How to Install & Uninstall RM4SCC Barcode Generator
Install Unzip the trial package and find "Linear Barcode Generator". Then double click on this exe file.
Uninstall Users will uninstall the software once they close the user panel.
How to Generate & Save One RM4SCC Barcode
1 Find RM4SCC in the drop-down list of Barcode Type.
2 Enter valid encodable chars (comprised of digits 0-9 & upper-case letters A-Z) at Data to Encode.
3 Click Preview to preview generated RM4SCC barcode.
Click Preview and Copy to Clipboard to paste generated RM4SCC barcode to other applications / project.
Click Generate Image File to save generated RM4SCC barcode.
FAQ: Q:Why does it say "Invalid Settings" after I click Preview?
A:Please check if you have entered valid chars. Note: The default value of Data is BLSample and RM4SCC barcode can only encode digits 0-9 & upper-case letters A-Z.
How to Generate & Save Multiple RM4SCC Barcodes
1 Choose RM4SCC at Barcode Type.
2 Click Generate Multi-Barcode and import a txt file.
3 Data from that text file will be instantly converted to RM4SCC barcodes in the unit of line.
Besides, the software will lead users to the folder where those barcode images are saved automatically.
How to Use Property Settings of RM4SCC Barcode Generator
Barcode Size Unit of Measure (Default: Pixel) Available units are Pixel, CM & Inch.
Image Width
Image Height
(Default: 120)
The values will exert an effect until they are bigger than RM4SCC barcode required minimum width / height.
Bar Width
(Default: 1)
Bar Height
(Default: 80)
Used to define bar width / height.
Left Margin
Right Margin
(Default: 0)
Used to adjust quiet zone width.
The values will be added upon an already existed 10X-width left / right quiet zone.
Top Margin
Bottom Margin
(Default: 0)
Used to adjust the top / bottom blank area of RM4SCC barcode.
Image Settings Resolution
(Default: 96)
The measure unit is dpi (dots per inch).
(Default: 0)
Used to decide the orientation that RM4SCC barcode should be generated.
Barcode Image Format
(Default: Png)
Available image formats are Png, Jpeg, Gif or Bmp.
Text Settings Print Barcode Text
(Default: True)
Used to determine whether human-readable text should be visible or invisible.
Text Font
(Default: Arial, 9, Regular)
Font face, font size & font effect can be all revisable.
Color Settings Text color
(Default: Black)
Background Color
(Default: White)
Foreground Color
(Default: Black)
Used to change bar color, font color and RM4SCC image background color.

Notice: Although users are able to combine the colors themselves, there are also some restrictions to follow.
Linear (1D) Barcodes:
Matrix(2D) Barcodes:

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