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UPC-A Barcode Generator for Windows

Generating UPC-A Bar Code in Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
UPC-A barcode image generator software is a fully functional barcode generator, which is specialized to generate, paste & output linear UPC-A barcode to other applications.
  • Good UPC-A barcode generator used in Windows XP, Vista & Win7
  • Suitable even for those who know little about UPC-A barcode type
  • Created UPC-A images are compatible with international standards
  • Easy to generate & save single or multiple UPC-A barcode images
  • Users are free to tailor the size & image format of UPC-A barcode
  • Mature Barcode Generator Software since 2003
Distinguishing Features of UPC-A Barcode Generator Software
Adding UPC-A Barcode Generator Software
Set-up Just open the exe file "Linear Barcode Generator", without any activation keys.
Remove Just close the operating panel.
Generating Single UPC-A Barcode Image
1 Select UPC-A at Barcode Type.
2 Follow the tips and input an 11-digit data at Data to Encode.
3 Three outputting options are given here:
Click Preview to see generated UPC-A barcode.
Click Preview and Copy to Clipboard generated UPC-A barcode to clipboard.
Click Generate Image File to save created UPC-A image to Windows system.
FAQ: Q:Why does it say "Invalid Settings" after I click Preview?
A:Please make sure you have entered valid chars. The default value of Data is BLSample and UPC-A barcode can only encode 12 digits, including a check digit which will be automatically generated and added to UPC-A barcode. Thus, users can only encode 11-digit data.
Generating Multiple UPC-A Barcode Images
1 Select UPC-A at at Barcode Type.
2 Click Generate Multi-Barcode and find a text file in which each line has 11 digits.
3 Those data strings will be instantly converted to equivalent UPC-A barcodes.
Customizing UPC-A Barcode Property Settings
Barcode Size Unit of Measure (Default: Pixel) There are three measure units available, e.g., Pixel, CM & Inch. And it applies for all size-related settings.
Image Width
Image Height
(Default: 120)
Although users are free to define the whole UPC-A barcode image size, this barcode generator will reset to barcode minimum width automatically when the defined image width & height are smaller than the barcode required minimum width & height.
Bar Width
(Default: 1)
Bar Height
(Default: 80)
Users are also able to adjust the bar width & height.
Left Margin
Right Margin
(Default: 0)
Left / right margin are used to adjust UPC-A barcode quiet zone.
Based on GS1 general specifications, the minimum width of UPC-A barcode should be wider than 9X (X is the bar width).
Top Margin
Bottom Margin
(Default: 0)
They refer to the top / bottom blank area of an UPC-A barcode image.
Image Settings Resolution
(Default: 96)
The value of dots per inch is customizable.
(Default: 0)
Users are able to generate UPC-A barcode in four different rotations.
Barcode Image Format
(Default: Png)
Four options are offered here: Png, Jpeg, Gif or Bmp.
Text Settings Print Barcode Text
(Default: True)
Users can decide whether to show human-readable text or not.
Text Font
(Default: Arial, 9, Regular)
Users can determine the style, size & effect of text.
Color Settings Text Color
(Default: Black)
Background Color
(Default: White)
Foreground Color
(Default: Black)
Users have free choices for bar color, text color & background color.

Notice: Considering the readability of generated UPC-A barcode, the combination of background & foreground color should conform to certain rules.
Linear (1D) Barcodes:
Matrix(2D) Barcodes:

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