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C#.NET Barcode Generator Control for MSI Plessey

How to Generate MSI Plessey Barcodes Using C#.NET Library
  • Powerful C#.NET MSI Plessey barcode generating dll with flexible printing features
  • Completely written in managed C#, with full support for .NET 2.0 and above
  • Generate & output MSI Plessey barcode images to gif, jpeg, png and bmp files
  • Able to create high-quality MSI Plessey barcodes without writing too much C# codes
  • Work perfectly even for those who know little about VB.NET MSI Plessey
  • Enjoy a high popularity among professional Visual C#.NET developers
Basic Information about 1D MSI Plessey Barcode Type
MSI Plessey, a numeric-only linear barcode, is not so widely used as other linear barcodes, like EAN 13 or UPC-E. MSI Plessey doesn't have the self-checking function and its check digit can be computed in different ways, including Mod 10 and Mod 11.
Using MSI Plessey Barcode Generator Library in C#.NET Class
Our MSI Plessey barcode generator control is quite easy to use, without any activation keys or registration code. What you need do is:
  1. Download and unzip the free .NET Barcode Library trial package.
  2. Add either "Barcodelib.Barcode.ASP.NET.dll" or "Barcodelib.Barcode.WinForms.dll" to your project reference and Visual Studio Toolbox.
  3. Then you could generate a MSI Plessey Barcode by copying the following C# codes.
     BarcodeLib.Barcode.Linear msi = new BarcodeLib.Barcode.Linear();
msi.Type = BarcodeType.MSI;
msi.Data = "1234567890";

msi.AddCheckSum = true;
msi.UOM = UnitOfMeasure.PIXEL;
msi.BarWidth = 1;
msi.BarHeight = 80;
msi.LeftMargin = 10;
msi.RightMargin = 10;
msi.TopMargin = 10;
msi.BottomMargin = 10;
msi.ImageFormat = System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat.Png;

// save barcode image into your system

// More outputting methods are listed here

// Make MSI barcode & output to byte array
byte[] barcodeInBytes = msi.drawBarcodeAsBytes()

// Make MSI barcode to Graphics object
Graphics graphics = ...

// Make MSI barcode and output to HttpResponse object
HttpResponse response = ...

// Make MSI barcode to Stream object
Stream stream = ...
Above Free MSI Plessey sample codes are written in Visual C# 2005
Using MSI Plessey Barcode Generator Library in C# ASP.NET Class
The following are detailed guidance:
  1. Add "Barcodelib.Barcode.ASP.NET.dll" to your web project.
  2. Add "Barcodelib.Barcode.ASP.NET.dll" to the Toolbox.
  3. Open the folder "barcode" in free dowloaded package and copy files "linear.aspx" & "linear.aspx.cs" to your web project folder.
  4. Drag LinearASPNET from the Toolbox and drop it on the split part of your aspx page.
  5. Click the produced barcode image and change barcode type to MSI Plessey in the Properties Window or generate an MSI Plessey barcode with those free C#.NET class codes.
Using MSI Plessey Barcode Generator Library in C# WinForms .NET Class
The following are detailed guidance.
  1. Add "BarcodeLib.Barcode.WinForms.dll" to your WinForms Project.
  2. Add "BarcodeLib.Barcode.WinForms.dll" to your Visual Studio Toolbox.
  3. Drag "LinearWinForm" to your windows form and click generated image. Then, adjust its barcode type to MSI Plessey in the Properties Window or create an MSI Plessey barcode with those free C#.NET class codes.
C#.NET MSI Plessey Barcode Generator SDK Supported Barcode Types
C# 1D Barcode Generation:
C# 2D Barcode Generation:
Use C#.NET MSI Plessey Encoding SDK to generate following linear barcodes: Codabar, Code 11, Code 2 of 5, Code 39, Code 93, EAN-8, EAN-13, Interleaved 2 of 5, ITF-14 (UPC Shipping Container Symbol), Code 128, EAN 128/GS1 128, MSI Plessey, Intelligent Mail, Planet, Postnet, RM4SCC (British Royal Mail), UPC-A, UPC-E.
Use C#.NET MSI Plessey Encoding SDK to generate following 2d barcodes: Data Matrix, PDF 417, QR Code.
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