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C#.NET POSTNET Barcode Generator Software

How to Generate POSTNET Barcode in Visual C#.NET Applications
  • Totally compiled in Visual C# and compatible with Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010.
  • Stream C# POSTNET barcode image in ASP.NET web form applications
  • Generate advanced POSTNET barcode image in C#.NET WinForms applications & projects
  • Generate POSTNET barcode image in Crystal Reports and RDLC Reposts
  • Provide free C# demo codes to generate and customize POSTNET barcode image
  • Offer various developer licenses for this outstanding C#.NET Barcode Generator DLL
C#.NET POSTNET Barcode Recognition
POSTNET is a 1D barcode symbology used to assist in directing mail by the United States Postal Service. The ZIP Code or ZIP+4 Code is encoded in half-height and full-height bars. Usually, the delivery point is added. The barcode starts and ends with a full bar has a check digit after the ZIP Code, ZIP+4 Code, or delivery point. A set of five bars represents an individual digit, two of which are full bars.
Besides POSTNET barcode, this C# Barcode Generation SDK also generates other commonly-used linear barcode types, including C# Code 39, C# Code 128, C# EAN-13, C# EAN-128/GS1-128, C# PLANET, etc.
Stream C# POSTNET Barcode Image in ASP.NET Web Form
Generate C# POSTNET barcode image through ASP.NET web form controller:
  1. Install C# ASP.NET barcode controller to your POSTNET barcoding project by adding reference (BarcodeLib.Barcode.ASP.NET.dll) to your Visual Studio Toolbox.
  2. Copy "linear.aspx" and "linear.aspx.cs" in the unzipped package to your project folder.
  3. Drag and drop LinearASPNET under the Toolbox to your aspx page.
  4. Change your POSTNET barcode settings through the Properties window or by compiling the following free C# source codes.
     this.LinearASPNET1.Data = "13458";
this.LinearASPNET1.Type = BarcodeLib.Barcode.BarcodeType.POSTNET;
this.LinearASPNET1.BarWidth = 1;
this.LinearASPNET1.BarHeight = 60;
this.LinearASPNET1.BarHeightRatio = 0.4;
5. Run your project and you will see POSTNET barcode image generated on your aspx page.
Generate C# POSTNET Barcode Image in .NET Windows Forms
  1. Create a windows program in your Visual Studio, e.g. Form1.
  2. Drag PixtureBox and Button to Form1.
  3. Add reference (BarcodeLib.Barcode.WinForms.dll) to your C#.NET WinForms project.
  4. Compile the following C# demo codes to get POSTNET barcode image.
     Linear barcode = new Linear();
barcode.Type = BarcodeType.POSTNET;
barcode.Data = "13458";

Bitmap POSTNET = barcode.drawBarcode();

this.pictureBox1.Image = POSTNET;
5. Finally, double click the button to see the generated POSTNET barcode image.
C# Barcode Generator DLL Supported Barcode Types
C# 1D Barcode Generation:
C# 2D Barcode Generation:
2D barcodes supported: Data Matrix, PDF 417, QR Code.