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Barcode for Microsoft Excel

Generate, Print & Draw Linear and Matrix Barcode Images for Microsoft Office Excel Spreadsheet
  • Totally compatible with MS Office Excel 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007
  • No requirement for third-party barcode components or barcode fonts
  • Support creating linear barcode types: Code128, GS1-128, EAN-13, Interleaved 2 of 5, etc
  • Allow 2d barcode generation, such as QR Code, Data Matrix, and PDF-417
  • Easily generate dynamic barcodes in Excel spreadsheet with a few clicks
  • Available to customize generated barcode size, resolution, rotation degree, and so on
  • Compute and add automatically checksum digit for linear barcode symbologyies
Barcode for Excel Add-In Overview
Barcode Generation for Excel Add-In is designed for inserting barcode images into Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. It is easy for users to convert data or information in the cell into required barcode images. Furthermore, our product is completely compatible with latest barcode standard.
What do you do with Barcode Generation Plug-In for MS Excel?
  • Directly generate barcode images in Excel spreadsheet
  • Easily make adjustments for the inserted barcode images as requirements
  • Quickly create barcode image list for Office Excel application
  • Link barcodes to cell contents in the Microsoft Excel
Barcode Creation Add-In for Microsoft Excel Features
  • Flexible User License - Purchase royalty-free and flexible license
  • No Require for Standard - Compatible with ISO / IEC barcode specification and industry standards
  • Powerful Excel Add-In - Without other barcode fonts for barcode generation in Excel
  • Barcode Generation - Easy to insert required barcode images into Microsoft Excel
  • Barcode List Creation - Support generating barcode image list without third party barcode controls
  • Link to Cell - Simple to link barcode images to cell contents using this plug-in
  • Checksum Digit Option - Users can decide to hide or display the check digit of linear barcodes
  • Human-Readable Text - Display barcode encoded data and checksum digit or not
  • Printer Support - All created barcode images may be scanned accurately by both high and low resolution printers
Generating Barcode Symbologies
Linear (1D) Barcode Types:
Matrix (2D) Barcode Types:

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