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UPC-A Generator for .NET Windows Forms

Linear UPC-A Barcode Generating & Printing Tutorial in .NET Windows Forms
  • Support Microsoft Visual Studio 2005/or later for .NET application development
  • Fully be compatible with .NET 2.0 and later versions
  • Quickly be added to VS Toolbox or as .NET WinForms barcoding project reference
  • Reliable .NET WinForms barcode generator library for UPC-A barcode generation
  • Easy to generate UCP-A barcode images on .NET Windows application form or in .NET Class
  • Support multiple barcode image formats (Jpeg, Gif, Png, Bmp & Tiff) as one of output forms
  • Offer various customizable UPC-A barcode image settings in .NET WinForms project
.NET Windows Forms UPC-A Barcode Introduction
UPC-A is also known as UPC-A+5, UPC-A+2, UPC Code, UPC Symbol, GTIN-12, GS1-12 and UCC-12.
It supports ten characters (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9).
UPC-A barcode symbols may be accompanied by a Two-digit or Five-digit supplement symbol.
It is commonly used in retail for tracking trade items in stores in North America and in countries including UK, Australia and New Zealand.
How to Generate UPC-A Barcode by .NET WinForms Controller
  1. First of all, you should add BarcodeLib.Barcode.WinForms.dll to your Visual Studio Toolbox and you will see four items.
  2. Then, you can drag and drop LinearWinForm to the Windows form you have created and a default barcode will be displayed on the form.
  3. What's more, you may firstly change barcode type to UPC-A and adjust barcode settings through Properties window.
  4. At last, you can debug to view the generated .NET WinForms UPC-A barcode image.
How to Create .NET WinForms UPC-A Barcode Images in C# or VB.NET

VB .NET UPC-A Barcode Generation in .NET WinForms

Before encoding, you should add reference (BarcodeLib.Barcode.WinForms.dll) to your .NET project.
Here is an example for WinForms VB.NET UPC-A barcode generation:
     Dim upca As New BarcodeLib.Barcode.Linear()
upca.Type = BarcodeType.UPCA
upca.Data = "01234321091"
upca.ResizeImage = true
upca.UOM = UnitOfMeasure.CM
upca.ImageWidth = 4
upca.ImageHeight = 2

upca.ImageFormat = System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat.Png

'Save UPC-A barcode image into your system
This is UPC-A demo codes compiled in Visual Basic 2005.
For demo codes compiled in Visual C# 2005, please refer to Detail UPC-A C# Demo Code.
Supported .NET WinForms Barcode Types
WinForms 1D Barcodes:
WinForms 2D Barcodes:
2D Barcodes Included: Data Matrix, PDF 417, QR-Code.

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