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Scan PDF417 Barcode with VB.NET Barcode Reader

How to Recognise & Scan Data Matrix Barcode Image Using VB.NET Barcode Reader Library
  • Advanced 1D & 2D barcode reading library dll for .NET applications since 2003
  • Capable of reading & scanning popular 2d barcode uisng VB.NET Class, like PDF-417, Data Matrix & QR-Code
  • Offer complete VB demo code for .NET, ASP.NET, .NET Class Library PDF-417 recognition applications
  • Able to read & scan the maximum PDF 417 barcode on a source file and output scanned data value
  • Able to read & recognize all PDF 417 barcodes in a source image within seconds
  • Offer several affordable license types for this professional .NET Barcode Reader Library
How to Start PDF-417 Visual Basic .NET Barcode Recognition
  1. Dowload trial version firstly and then you can find VB.NET Barcode Reader DLL ("BarcodeLib.BarcodeReader.dll").
  2. Create your VB.NET project and add VB.NET Barcode Reader DLL ("BarcodeLib.BarcodeReader.dll") to the project reference.
How to Decode PDF-417 Barcode with VB.NET Barcode Reader Control
Our Barcode Reader Library SDK for .NET is easy to use. Please directly use the following one line free VB code to scan PDF-417 barcode image. Here, "pdf417-vbnet.gif" is a sample image.
     Dim datas() As String = BarcodeReader.read("c:/pdf417-vbnet.gif", BarcodeReader.PDF417)
Then, all PDF-417 barcodes data in "pdf417-vbnet.gif" image file will be decoded at a time.
How to Adjust PDF-417 VB.NET Barcode Reader Control for Fast Reading
You can customize our PDF-417 .NET Barcode Reader SDK to improve barcode recognition rate. This is suitable especially for a large size source image file. Two situations are here:

Situation 1: Want to Recognise Maximum One PDF-417 Barcode Image Using VB.NET PDF-417 Scanner Library

If you want to read the maximum one PDF-417 barcode in your image source (per image, page in tiff or pdf document), you can adjust property maxOneBarcodePerPage to "true".
  1. After this, our VB.NET PDF-417 Scanner Library will stop read the PDF-417 as soon as it detects one PDF-417 barcode image.
  2. If it is faulse, our our VB.NET PDF-417 Scanner Library DLL will use total 5 algorithms and each will read the whole source file from 4 directions.

Situation 2: Want to Recognise Specific Part of a Image File Where the PDF-417 Is Located

To save scanning time, you can directly customize VB.NET Barcode Reader DLL to scan that specific area on source image file.
  1. To do so, please clarify the left top point and right bottom point of the specific area (the point X, Y values are expressed in percentage of the whole image, so image most left top point is (0%, 0%), and most right bottom point is (100%, 100%).
Now, you can use the following free sample VB.NET code to read the specific area. In this case, our VB.NET Barcode Reader DLL will read the top 20% and bottom 20% of a sample image "pdf417-vbnet.gif".
     Dim setting As OptimizeSetting = New OptimizeSetting()


Dim top20 As ScanArea = New ScanArea(New Drawing.PointF(0.0F, 0.0F), New Drawing.PointF(100.0F, 20.0F))

Dim bottom20 As ScanArea = New ScanArea(New Drawing.PointF(0.0F, 80.0F), New Drawing.PointF(100.0F, 100.0F))

Dim areas As List(Of ScanArea) = New List(Of ScanArea)


Dim datas() As String = BarcodeReader.read("c:/pdf417-vbnet.gif", BarcodeReader.PDF417, setting)
How to Decode 1D & 2D Barcode Images Using VB.NET Barcode Scanner Control
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