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VB.NET RM4SCC Barcode Generator Control

Tutorial for Generating RM4SCC Barcode in Visual Basic .NET Applications
  • Completely support .NET 2.0 and later .NET versions
  • Easy to implement in both Visual C# and Visual Basic bar coding applications
  • Generate RM4SCC barcode in VB ASP.NET and Windows Forms
  • Generate and output RM4SCC barcode to Graphics object, Stream object etc.
  • Superior VB.NET RM4SCC Barcode Generation DLL product on the market
  • Provide affordable and royalty-free VB.NET developer licenses for application development
VB.NET RM4SCC Barcode Image Introduction
RM4SCC encodes alphanumeric characters (0-9, A-Z) as well as start and stop bar characters. It comprises four types of bars (the four states), each of which has a distinct name, value and barcode symbol. It is self-checking and a checksum digit is mandatory.
Create VB RM4SCC Barcode Through ASP.NET Web Form Control
Using VB.NET RM4SCC Generator to create RM4SCC barcode in ASP.NET program is a simple and easy job. You can follow steps below.
  1. In your Visual Studio VB ASP.NET Website project, add barcode generation SDK (BarcodeLib.Barcode.ASP.NET.dll) to the Toolbox.
  2. Copy "linear.aspx" and "linear.aspx.cs" to your project folder (website1).
  3. Drag and drop LinearASPNET under the Toolbox to your aspx page.
  4. Compile codes to customize RM4SCC barcode image, for example:
     Me.LinearASPNET1.Data = "DGH111C"
Me.LinearASPNET1.Type = BarcodeLib.Barcode.BarcodeType.RM4SCC
This also can be realized through the Properties window.
5. Debug to see the generated RM4SCC barcode image on the aspx page.
Create RM4SCC Barcode Image in VB.NET Windows Forms
You can also create RM4SCC barcode image in VB.NET WinForms applications as below.
  1. At first, create a windows project in your Visual Studio, e.g. Form1.
  2. Next, drag PixtureBox and Button to Form1. Double click the button.
  3. After that, add reference (BarcodeLib.Barcode.WinForms.dll) to your C#.NET WinForms project.
Demo codes for RM4SCC barcode generation in VB.NET Windows Forms:
     Dim barcode As New Linear()
barcode.Type = BarcodeType.RM4SCC
barcode.Data = "CMC321Y"

Dim rm4scc As Bitmap = barcode.drawBarcode()

Me.PictureBox1.Image = rm4scc
4. At last, double click the button to see the generated RM4SCC barcode image.
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