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Generate EAN-128 / GS1-128 Barcode in Word

Professional EAN-128 / GS1-128 Barcode Generating Plug-In for Word

  • Able to generate single EAN-128 image or many EAN-128 labels in Word
  • Generate & adjust EAN-128 barcode directly on Word Barcode Settings Panel
  • Capable of inserting EAN-128 barcode images into serial letters in Word
  • Customize EAN-128 image position and font style of human-readable text
  • Check digit is automatically computed and added to EAN-128 barcode in Word
  • Support other 1d and 2d barcode generation in Word 2007 and Word 2010

Quick Overview


1. Word EAN-128/GS1-128 Barcode Plug-In - Installation

  1. Please close all Word documents.
  2. Activate the setup file.
  3. A new tab "Add-Ins" will be added to the Word Menu Bar.


2. Word EAN-128 Barcode Plug -In - EAN-128/GS1-128 Generation

  1. Integrating EAN-128 barcode generator add-in into your Word.
  2. Activate Barcode Settings window by clicking "Create Barcode" under tab "Add-Ins".
  3. Choose GS1-128 (UCC / EAN128) at the Barcode Type, enter encodable characters at Data and tailor other property settings at Barcode Size & 1D Barcode.
  4. Click "Generate".


3. Word EAN-128/GS1-128 Barcode Plug-in - Mail Merge Usage

With the help of our Word EAN-128 barcode generator add-in, you can easily insert generated EAN-128 barcode into serial letters.

  1. Switch to the tab "Mailings" and click "Select Recipients".
  2. Choose "Use Existing List" or "Type New List" in the pull-down menu.
  3. Create an EAN-128 barcode and then click "Finish & Merge" to edit, print or email the document.


4. Word EAN-128 Barcode Plug-in - GS1-128 Barcode Labels

Word EAN-128 barcode generator add-in from not only help users generate single EAN-128 barcode, but allow them to generate a number of EAN-128 barcode labels in Word.

  1. Click the tab "Mailings" and choose "Start Mail Merge".
  2. Select "Labels" in the pull-down menu and decide suitable label numbers.
  3. Click "Select Recipients" and select "Use Existing List" or "Type New List" in the pull-down menu.
  4. Add an EAN-128 barcode image and click "Update Labels".
  5. Click "Finish & Merge".


5. Generate 1D & 2D Barcodes in Word

Word EAN-128 barcode generator add-in from is more powerful than what mentioned above. After you add this plug-in to your Word, you can actually be able to generate over 20 1d & 2d barcodes in Word.

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