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Word UPC-A Barcode Generator Plug-In

How to Generate & Print UPC-A Barcode Labels in Word

  • Mature UPC-A generator with wide popularity among Word users
  • Install with an exe file and generate UPC-A with an user-defined window
  • Generate professional UPC-A barcode in Word 2007 & Word 2010
  • Integrate UPC-A generating capacity with Word mailing function
  • Easy to generate UPC-A barcode in the form of labels within Word
  • Support other 1d & 2d barcode generation in Word, like QR Code on Word

Quick Access


1. Add UPC-A Barcode Generator Plug-In to Word

The installation is quite easy and it can be finished within three steps:
  1. Close all Word documents.
  2. Double-click the exe file.
  3. Check whether a new tab "Add-Ins" is successfully installed into your Word Menu Bar.


2. Generate Linear UPC-A Barcode in MS Word

  1. Switch to the tab "Add-Ins" and click "Create Barcode". Then a Barcode Settings panel will be visible.
  2. Select UPC-A at Barcode Type and input encodable characters at Data.
  3. Set values of other properties at Barcode Size and 1D Barcode.
  4. Click "Generate".
What should be noted here is that as UPC-A is a numeric-only barcode symbology, you can only encode an 11-digit number at the Data textbox.


3. Insert UPC-A Barcode into Serial Letters in Word

If you want to send generated UPC-A barcode to one or more recipients, you can achieve that by following instructions below:

  1. Click the tab "Mailings" and click "Select Recipients".
  2. Choose "Use Existing List" or "Type New List" in the pull-down menu.
  3. Generate an UPC-A barcode and then click "Finish & Merge".


4. Create & Print UPC-A Barcode Labels in MS Word

If you want to generate & print a number of UPC-A barcodes in Word, please follow the detailed steps below:

  1. Choose the tab "Mailings" and select "Start Mail Merge".
  2. Choose "Labels" in the pull-down menu and set your label numbers.
  3. Choose "Select Recipients" and select "Use Existing List" or "Type New List" in the pull-down menu.
  4. Create an UPC-A barcode image and choose "Update Labels".
  5. Click "Finish & Merge".


5. Generate Common 1D & 2D Barcodes in Word

If you want to generate other linear & 2d barcodes in Word, please click following links:

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