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How to Encode Unicode in QR Code Using C#

How to Generate QR Code with Unicode Encoded for C#.NET Framework Applications
  • Provide mature Barcode Generator Control for C#.NET QR Code Unicode encoding projects
  • Quickly install .NET Barcode Generator DLL into Visual C# QR Code generation programs
  • Easy to use Visual C# class demo code to add & encode Unicode into QR Code barcode
  • Do not require any other QR Code barcode generator tools or QR Code barcode fonts
  • Directly create and output high-quality QR Code barcode images for web & windows applications
  • Also support C# QR Code Unicode encoding & printing on .NET Crystal Reports and RDLC Local Reports
C# QR Code Unicode Information
QR Code is one of the most commonly used 2d (matrix) barcode symobologies which is used for automotive industry, mobile-tagging with cell phones, advertising, packaging, commercial tracking and entertaining etc. This 2d barcode can encode a large amount of data information that includes numeric, alphanumeric, byte and Kanji data characters.
Besides the default ISO 8859-1 standard character sets, QR Code can also encode any other Non-English characters, like Chinese, Arabic, Cyrillic, Greek, and Hebrew. As for our Barcode Generator for C#.NET, it allows C#.NET developers to encode and add Unicode characters into QR Code barcode easily.
How to Add Unicode in QR Code Using C#
As for C# QR Code Unicode encoding, our .NET Barcode Generator SDK uses Base64 Encoding Algorithm to convert Unicode string to Base64 string and then encode it into QR Code barcode. Conversely, to get your Unicode characters during QR Code decoding, you may need to convert the decoded Base64 string back to Unicode.
In the following section, we'll explain how to achieve QR Code barcode Unicode encoding using C#.NET class barcode library.

How to Use Base64[] Conversion Method to Encode Unicode in C# QR Code

Example: Use C# code to encode Greek characters into QR Code barcode. In English, it means "software".

How to Get Your Original Data While Scanning QR Code

During QR Code barcode recognition, please use the following Visual C# sample code to convert Base64 string back to the Greek characters.
     byte[] base64SingleBytes = Convert.FromBase64String(data);
     string UnicodeFromBarcode = System.Text.Encoding.Unicode.GetString(base64SingleBytes);
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BarcodeLib.com C# Barcode Generator Library for .NET also supports generating other 2d barcode images that supports Unicode encoding. Please see details as below:
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