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VB.NET PLANET Barcode Generator Library

Tutorial for Generating PLANET Barcode Using Visual Basic .NET Class
  • Integrate all PLANET barcode features into individual VB.NET Barcode DLL assemblies
  • Developed fully in managed C# for .NET Framework 2.0 and above
  • Generate VB.NET PLANET barcode images in ASP.NET & .NET WinForms
  • Output and save VB.NET PLANET barcode in image files or byte stream objects
  • Support customized PLANET barcode image generation and adjustment in VB.NET Project
  • Offer royalty-free reallocation with the purchase of available developer license
VB.NET PLANET Barcode Description
PLANET is a linear barcode with 12 or 14 digits including a checksum character. The checksum character is always a single-digit number. PLANET barcode comprises of a series of tall and short bars.
PLANET barcode allows mailers to identify and track mail. Mailers must choose the proper PLANET code format based on the type of Confirm mail. PLANET Codes can be used to identify mail sent to customers when it is Destination Confirm and it can be used to identify reply mail that customers send back when it is Origin Confirm.
Generate Visual Basic PLANET Barcode in ASP.NET
  1. Create a Visual Basic website project for ASP.NET.
  2. Add PLANET barcode reference (BarcodeLib.Barcode.ASP.NET.dll) to the Toolbox.
  3. Find "inear.aspx" and "linear.aspx.cs" in "barcode" folder and copy to your project folder.
  4. Drag and drop component LinearASPNET under the Toolbox to the aspx page for PLANET barcode generation.
  5. Generate user-defined PLANET barcode image with the following demo codes:
     Me.LinearASPNET1.Data = "12354898790"
Me.LinearASPNET1.Type = BarcodeLib.Barcode.BarcodeType.PLANET
Me.LinearASPNET1.BarWidth = 1
Me.LinearASPNET1.BarHeight = 80
Me.LinearASPNET1.BarHeightRatio = 0.4
You can also customize the PLANET barcode image through the Properties window.
Generate Visual Basic PLANET Barcode in .NET Windows Forms
  1. Create a Visual Basic windows project in your Visual Studio, e.g. Form1.
  2. Drag PixtureBox and Button to Form1. Double click the button.
  3. Add BarcodeLib.Barcode.WinForms.dll to your VB.NET WinForms project.
  4. Generate VB.NET PLANET barcode with the following sample codes.
     Dim barcode As New Linear()
barcode.Type = BarcodeType.PLANET
barcode.Data = "12354898790"
barcode.BarWidth = 1
barcode.BarHeight = 80
barcode.BarHeightRatio = 0.4

Dim PLANET As Bitmap = barcode.drawBarcode()

Me.PictureBox1.Image = PLANET
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